PHABRIX Q/C on Display at IBC

PHABRIX television test, measurement and Q/C solutions will demonstrated in the PHABRIX stand at IBC 2016.

The spotlight on the PHABRIX stand will be focused on the Qx, supporting UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K video formats along with the latest UHDTV test and measurement tool-set, including 12G real-time physical layer analysis.

The technology uses PHABRIX's trademarked RTE, ‘Real Time Eye’, a unique feature enabling manufacturers and broadcasters to measure to SMPTE standards for compliance testing. Combining both generator and analyzer, the PHABRIX Qx allows closed loop testing. As a hybrid product, the Qx also supports 10GE IP via 2022-6 SFP.

The PHABRIX Sx series of hand held combined generator, analyzer and monitoring instruments will also be on display. Featuring both the PHABRIX SxE with its physical layer tool set and the multi interface SxTAG supporting both analog and SDI with SFP support for HDMI and optical testing.

The PHABRIX Rx rack mount modular product range will be demonstrating new software for video and audio. With new audio tool sets, closed caption functionality and auxiliary line detect capabilities, this makes the Rx a cost effective solution for OB, QC and studio test and measurement.

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