Vizrt Tech Transforms TV 4 Sweden’s Main Studio For Coverage of 2016 European Football Tournament

Vizrt provided a variety of graphics, video wall, and augmented reality technology systems to Sweden’s largest broadcaster, TV 4 Group, for enhanced coverage of this year’s European football tournament. Their goal was to launch a new visual style and excitement for its main sports studio during the summer of football on TV 4.

For the coverage, Vizrt outfitted TV 4’s new sports studio with a large panoramic 60 square meter video wall as a backdrop. Video and graphics for the video wall were controlled by a Viz Multiplay software package that allows the production crew to display and arrange up to eight simultaneous HD outputs from a single Viz Engine real-time compositing and rendering engine.

The TV 4 Sweden technical team implemented augmented reality graphics into the physical studio using Viz Virtual Studio, which is used in a variety of ways to support the on-air presenters.

“Vizrt now has a very flexible virtual set and augmented reality offering that can transform any new or existing studio into a highly interactive presenter’s platform. At TV 4, they have done some amazing things with the studio, using their existing physical space and adding augmented reality elements to bring a fresh, new look for its viewers. This is a very cost-effective way to increase ratings and repurpose a single studio for multiple studio productions.”
— Petter Ole Jakobsen, Chief Technology Officer, Vizrt

The virtual elements are driven by a stYpe tracking system mounted on a camera crane in the studio. The system does not require any additional external sensors or infrared cameras to deliver precise positional data of the camera in 3D space.

The new sports studio measures 40 square meters and consists of a 12 x 3 meter LED screen in the middle. Two additional screens measuring 3 x 5 meters wide were placed on each side of the LED screen. These were used to show other live games, player interviews and timely game-related data.

Digital TV channels, C More Sport and C More Fotboll, are offering matches from TV 4 during the European football tournament. The coverage, which is bolstered by new virtual graphics solutions from Vizrt, also features studio analysis during half time.

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