SIS LIVE Announces Anylive Network Expansion at IBC 2016

At IBC 2016, SIS LIVE will announce the further expansion of its Anylive fibre network. SIS LIVE will also announce details of their new range of services, Anylive+, that will extend the capabilities of the Anylive network to include remote production options.

SIS LIVE's currently established national and international Anylive fibre network connects major switching centres and channel aggregators, more than 70 major sports stadia and venues, and many key broadcasters. Since its official launch, the network has been successfully trialled for the production of major national sporting events  catalysing the implementation of many additions to the growing network. These additions will be announced at IBC 2016.

Anylive and Anylive+ are supported by highly specialised in-house connectivity experts who monitor, manage, and maintain the network at all times. Two teleports and 24/7 network operations centres at MediaCityUK and SIS LIVE’s head office in Milton Keynes are backed by extensive, permanently-leased satellite capacity to supplement the fibre-based connectivity. Support is further provided through Europe’s largest fleet of mobile satellite uplink vehicles.

“The need for high production values for live events, continues to rise and with them, the costs. That’s why the advent of high quality, low latency connectivity over IP like that offered by our Anylive network is an attractive proposition for those who need the power and flexibility of IP-based production for multiplatform delivery.”
— David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE

The implementation of highly adaptable Anytime+ services will enable production operations such as gallery functions, vision engineering, and camera operations to be moved back to the comfort and familiarity of a broadcaster’s base. The power and reach of SIS LIVE’s growing fibre-based infrastructure will offer the triple benefit of exceptional production flexibility, high resilience, and significant cost savings.

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