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Panasonic Release Entry-level AC30 Camcorder

Panasonic has introduced the AG-AC30, a handheld camcorder with 1080P recording, 20X optical zoom, wide-angle 29.5mm lens, LED light for low-light shooting, two-channel XLR audio inputs and simultaneous record or relay record with hot swap. The entry-level AC30 is ideal for shooting business conferences, exhibits, government activities as well as weddings and web videos.

The Panasonic AG-AC30 camcorder has a 1/3.1 6.03Mpxl sensor with Back Side Illumination (BSI) for improved sensitivity. The integral 20x f1.8 zoom has a wide angle of 29.5mm wide-angle (35mm equivalent), auto-focus (AF) and image stabilization.

  • The Intelligent AF gives focus assist functions including Focus Expand, Focus Peaking and Area Mode, which enables focusing in any desired area. Professional assist functions include a histogram display, color bar monitor and zebra pattern.
  • The 5-Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) suppresses camera shake all the way from wide-angle to powerful zoom shots, Three manual, multi-purpose lens rings that provides fine adjustments and precise control of Focus, Zoom and Iris.

For low-light operation the camera has an integral LED video light with 2 light filters included.

The AC-30 has integral LED camera lights.

The AC-30 has integral LED camera lights.

The AG-AC30 records AVCHD to 28Mbps and MP4/MOV to 50Mbps to dual SD card slots with the capability to record on both cards simultaneously for back-up recording or the ability to switch from one card to the other for extended recording times.

The camera has a new 0.24-inch, 1.55 million-dot EVF, which can be tilted for added convenience. The versatile three-inch, slide-retractable LCD can serve as an HD monitor and menu-setting touch panel. The two-channel XLR audio inputs enable the use of professional, high-performance microphones for recording high-quality sound, including connection to mics requiring a +48V phantom power supply and to audio equipment with +4dB output. The camcorder is also equipped with an HDMI interface.

The AC30 weighs just over three pounds. A lightweight, durable magnesium-alloy frame is used for the camcorder handle, increasing strength, and a large lens hood blocks light more effectively to reduce lens flare while permitting subjects to be seen from behind the hood. 

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