BB&S to Introduce New Area 48 Studio Remote Phospher Light at IBC 2016

BB&S Lighting announced it will show a new studio model of its Area 48 Soft Remote Phosphor lighting fixture at IBC 2016.

BB&S said the Area 48 Studio provides ultra-precise dimming throughout the entire dimming range, even in the last five percent where other LED lights fall off.

The first light of its kind, this dimming feature is especially useful for sound stages, television studios, classic concert halls, theatres and motion capture studios where extremely smooth dimming through the entire range, from 100 percent to zero is essential. The new 48V Area 48 Studio operates silently due to the system’s fan-less cooling.

The fixture retains the form factor and features of BB&S’ compact Area 48 remote phosphor technology, which improves upon the color rendering, consistency and light output of traditional LED lighting fixtures.

The system’s color rendering accuracy is over 98 TLCI, with HD-friendly light output comparable to a 1K traditional soft light, yet it weighs 7.9 pounds.

The phosphor panels are interchangeable, allowing users to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, Chroma-Green, Chroma-Blue and new 10,000 K in seconds without tools.

The Area 48 Studio draws 122 watts at maximum power output. The 48-volt power supply comes mounted directly on the yoke.

The unit includes the standard BB&S four-channel control of 8-bit, 16-bit, strobe and manual dimming as well as on/off switch. Every Area 48 is equipped with integrated barndoors. The company also offers optional DoPchoice light shaping tools including grids and soft boxes for more control. 

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