Primestream Update Xchange Suite

Primestream has released Xchange Suite version 5.0, which introduces project centric workflows and support for VR media.

The Xchange v5.0 update enables users to create, share and collaborate with post production projects inside Xchange, or using a built-in plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. Users can also organize raw footage, or final edited programs with various languages within a single workspace, simplifying searching and automation.

Other new features include ability to trigger workflow actions on entire projects for sending assets to archive or automating the transcode on deliverables when a production is complete.

There is support for Equirectangular 360 media playback and review, giving customers a path to managing new media workflows.

There is also direct API integration with Telestream’s Vantage software for automated transcode workflows, including support for spanned camera assets – making it easier to manage assets from multiple memory cards.

Primestream's FORK v5.5 MAM and Xchange Suite v5.0 software offer I/O, logging, editing, control room playout, master control playout, publishing to social media and archiving. FORK and Xchange suites integrate with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

“From 4K to SD, the latest version of FORK can manage workflow from ingest to playout,” says the company. “FORK now offers broader support for third party traffic systems with solutions for metadata exchange between traffic, MAM and automation. Users can increase efficiency by making use of metadata generated by traffic systems in the FORK acquisition, production, archive and playout modules. The FORK platform gives you the versatility and control to build and manage your end-to-end workflow even as your requirements continue to evolve.”

One aspect of the FORK MAM getting attention is the logger tool. This is optimized for tagging real-time feeds with metadata for quick turnaround production. FORK Logger is now available as a self-contained turnkey solution tailored for sports production.

Users can automatically add rich metadata and markers with the tool using live data from STATS, a sports data and content provider. 

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