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Drone Filming Via Periscope

Twitter, which owns Periscope, plans to allow iPhone users to link their broadcasts to a drone. To integrate the drone and GoPro, the user connects via the phone app.

Within the broadcast users can switch from front and back facing iPhone cameras, a GoPro and/or a drone as well as add narration and sketching over the footage.

Once public testing is over Periscope says all broadcasts will be automatically saved on Periscope and Twitter, although users can change the option to auto-delete after 24 hours or manually delete specific broadcasts. Adding a hashtag or launching a live stream from a topics page enables users to tag their own broadcasts; in search results, according to the Wall Street Journal, live broadcasts will rank above replays, and the order will be determined by certain engagement metrics.

“When we launched Periscope, people still hadn’t really embraced live video,” said Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour. “We wanted to make the experience as delightful and safe for the broadcaster as possible, and one way to do that was to make the content more ephemeral. We’ve moved past that world in a short amount of time and our community has told us they want the option to save their broadcasts. We’re doing it in a way that feels very true to Periscope, and puts the control in the hands of the broadcaster.”

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