Etere Speeds File-Based Q/C at 2016 NAB Show

Etere introduced its new cloud-ready Advanced QC for file-based television QC that boasts speeds faster than real time, and added basic QC to Etere MAM.

Etere displayed several digital solutions at the 2016 NAB Show, including the introduction of Etere Advanced QC. The company announced that the Etere basic QC license will be part of Etere MAM at no additional charge. Advanced QC is an option.

Basic QC is equipped with competitive advantages such as the options to check audio/video either prior such as playout, repurpose and archiving or after encoding, ingesting, editing, transcoding and archiving media operations across the entire content life cycle. The integration with Etere player allows users to verify the file from the MAM without any additional hardware or software.

Etere Media Enterprise Resources Planning (MERP) integrated with Etere QC automatically detects and marks audio/video issues on assets' EDL according to their quality. The dynamic flexibility of Etere QC also allows control of any file type and is able to speed up with fast speeds from 3x to 50x. Etere QC strengthens the MERP core solution and embraces an all-integrative solution.

The detection capabilities of Etere QC are tuned to provide the most used profiles to ensure file integrity. The fault tolerant, load balanced architecture delivers fast and reliable QC analysis.

Advanced QC

The optional Advanced QC is built with an integrated modular architecture designed to perform comprehensive Quality Control (QC) via workflow. The advanced video quality check software system can analyze an expansive list of file formats including support for all major wrappers and all compression schemas.

Advanced QC is a cloud-ready solution able to automatically detect and mark audio/video issues such as freeze frames, black frames, scene changes, audio loss, video block, video blur, luminance line errors, chrominance line errors, audio clipping, scene cut detection, luminance headroom violations, chroma headroom violations and more. In addition, the software can deliver analysis from live sources.

Advanced QC also comes with clustering and easy load balancing. The multi-tasking solution supports simultaneous multi-users, multi-formats, multi-levels reporting environments, multi-parameters analysis and parallel analysis of multiple and simultaneous sources.

Cloud MERP, MAM and ETX also on display

Etere Cloud Media ERP (MERP) is Etere’s flagship solution that allows users to build a flexible, scalable and customizable system able to carry out the entire media life cycle under a fully tapeless/paperless and workflow-based digital environment.

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