Appear TV Video Firewall Router Aimed at IP Migration

Appear TV, a Norwegian provider of video processing platforms for broadcast and IP television, demonstrated its recently launched Video Firewall Router at both NAB in Las Vegas and TV Connect 2016 in London. The router is designed to help broadcasters move to all-IP delivery.

The Video Firewall Router provides 10 GB interfaces along with the security required to support the transport of broadcast quality video both internally in a headend and between sites over IP. It is an enhancement of the traditional enterprise IP firewall router, adding support for multiple GBs of UDP multicast traffic as required for IP video streaming. It also incorporates encryption capabilities for transmission over a public IP network and offers in-built redundancy for broadcast applications.

Initially the Video Firewall Router will support MPEG-TS data for the principle video formats such as MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and H.265/HEVC. This will be supplied as standard on the X20 and there is the option to add additional features such as multiplexing and then later support for uncompressed data will be added.

Bulk configuration will be offered through a new graphical user interface. Configuration capabilities will be search and multi-select based. To increase redundancy, the Video Firewall Router comes with Appear TV’s self-managing N+1 redundancy solution. This works with a pair of hardware-based and fully integrated 1+1 redundant control cards that manage redundancy switching without need for third-party software.

“An IP network is, by nature, a two way communication, open for all devices connected to the network,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “Access can be limited by performing complex routing rules, but since routers normally only analyze on layer 2 or 3, they have very limited understanding of the content being transmitted. Whether you’re distributing content over an IP connection, between departments in the same company, a local head-end network and the customer network, or reselling content to third-party companies over IP, you do not want the customers to have access to your core network. Our Video Firewall Router has been specifically designed to manage this securely and accommodate the bandwidth required for IP delivery.”

During this transition to all-IP delivery, many broadcasters are working in hybrid workflows that combine IP with older technology, such as satellite. As the Video Firewall Router is part of Appear TV’s modular concept, which supports signal input from any carrier to any other signal output, the router is designed to support a variety of input sources. Appear TV’s modular concept provides users with a selection of modules to create a video processing solution custom tailored to their needs. This modular platform also lets users have multiple distribution format processes originating from one chassis, which the company says will help them save on hardware space and make it easier to make additions and upgrades as new formats and transmission technologies arise.

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