Minnetonka Audio Spotlights Latest Digital Audio Software

Minnetonka Audio featured its latest digital audio software solutions at the 2016 NAB Show, including the latest versions of its AudioTools Server, AudioTools CLOUD, SurCode Dolby Digital Plus for Avid and SurCode Dolby E for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Minnetonka Audio's version 4.1 AudioTools Server provides users with many new features including the addition of Linear Acoustic APTO adaptive loudness processing. Linear Acoustic APTO (sold separately) is the next generation loudness processing solution designed for compliance in a real-time environment. Linear Acoustic APTO is available as an OEM module for direct integration, or can be used in AudioTools Server in a file-based mode. Available as a free upgrade to existing AudioCare subscribers, 4.1 now includes an operator application for simple workflow configuration, design and submission.

For facilities that need to keep pace with new audio technologies, Minnetonka will be demonstrating AudioTools CLOUD. From the occasional job, to expanding throughput for higher volume workloads, AudioTools CLOUD brings proven Minnetonka audio processing to the cloud, allowing on-demand, case-by-case use. Businesses only pay for the infrastructure they need, when they need it, using Amazon AWS.

Also on display will be the SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Encoder and Decoder – the first solution to bring Dolby Digital Plus to the Avid platform. The plug-ins support up to eight channels of audio and ranges from 5.1 plus stereo to four independent stereo channels. SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Decoder enables the auditioning and decoding/confidence monitoring of Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital encoded audio files for post production, film, TV, mobile, gaming and VOD.

It also has the capability to decode back to multichannel PCM audio directly into the timeline. SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Encoder allows users to create fully compliant Dolby Digital Plus E-AC-3 files from multichannel WAV or AIFF sources. When working with legacy content, SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus also provides encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital AC-3 files. As Dolby-certified products, the decoded and encoded audio files from SurCode are compatible with all Dolby Digital branded software or hardware encoders and decoders.

Rounding out the company’s Dolby solutions for NAB 2016 is the SurCode Dolby E Encoder and Decoder, which works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. SurCode allows for files to be encoded and decoded directly within Premiere Pro CC. The iLok protected VST decoder can be instantiated as a real-time confidence monitor, and used for faster than real-time export. The Encoder is available as a WIBU protected export plug-in in the Adobe Media Encoder export engine. SurCode for Dolby E Encoder and Decoder for Adobe Premiere Pro CC is included at no additional charge in the SurCode for Dolby E Bundle and Master Suite.

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