Tedial Unveils Version Factory at 2016 NAB Show

Tedial, MAM (Media Asset Management) vendor, is unveiling a media workflow system along with a business process management package at the 2016 NAB show.

First up will be the Version Factory, pitched as an efficient and cost effective workflow supporting almost any input to output configuration with management from a single operator screen. Designed to interface with content management, rights management, traffic and work order systems for automated operations, the Version Factory stacks chosen media engines such as transcoders, quality control, DRM and CDN. It employs SMPTE standardized designs for future proof “N-input to N-output” operations, which makes it scalable for OTT/VOD Platforms as well as legacy platforms.

Tedial’s second unveiling at NAB 2016 is the Evolution BPM (Business Process Management) system, which the firm claims has clocked 17 times faster than rival industry workflow engines such as Bonitasoft and Activity in benchmarks, although with no source cited. Tedial also claims that Evolution BPM can process 50,000 workflows in only 2.9 minutes on an average sized platform.

Tedial has been going 15 years and has established Tier 1 customers for earlier versions of its MAM products, including Televisa’ s Mexican TV Network, Spanish public broadcaster RTVE and Oman TV.

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