New JVC ProHD Monitors at NAB 2016

JVC expands its ProHD line of monitors with six new models for NAB 2016.

JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation will be bringing six new LCD monitors for field and studio use to NAB 2016 as part of its price conscious ProHD line of production equipment.

The DT-X92HX2 monitor features two nine-inch IPS LCD panels with embedded audio meter, scale markers, SDI time code, and customer editable video title display.

JVC's ProHD DT-X92HX2 is an affordable 2-in-1 monitor with all of the essential features required of a broadcast monitor.

JVC's ProHD DT-X92HX2 is an affordable 2-in-1 monitor with all of the essential features required of a broadcast monitor.

The DT-X92HX2 monitor provides 1920 X 1200 resolution, 800:1 contrast, and 170-degree viewing angle; user-defined function keys; GPI control; 3G/HD/SD-SDI; HDMI, and CVBS inputs. It is designed for studio or field pack use. It includes SDI/HDMI and CVBS PIP display, zebra stripes, freeze frame, TSL UMD protocol and red/green/blue only display.

The DT-X92F monitor adds an on-screen waveform, vector scope, and RGB histogram. Both the DT-X92H and the DT-X92F monitors can be battery powered.

The new family of DT-X92 monitors will replace the current DR-X91 models.

Larger ProHD monitors on display from JVC will include the DT-X16H (15.6-inch), DT-X21H (21.5-inch), and DT-X24H (23.8-inch) models.

Each monitor can be battery powered, making them suitable for field work. They all feature HDMI, composite, and two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, plus 3.5mm audio out and 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI loop outputs.

“This is a major upgrade to our most popular line of LCD monitors,” said Lon Mass, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our affordable ProHD monitors offer incredible picture quality as well as extensive features and connectivity options for professional monitoring on location or in the studio.”

List prices for new JVC's new ProHD line of monitors

DT-X16H $1,850

DT-X21H $1,950

DT-X24H $2,450

DT-X92F $1,950

DT-X92H $1,650

DT-X92HX2 $2,950

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