​FOR-A to Debut Chroma Keyer with Virtual Human Shadow

FOR-A is introducing a new Chroma Keyer and video wall production gear at the 2016 NAB show.

For live production, the company will showcase product integration between the HVS-2000 video switcher, MFR-3000 routing switcher and FA-1010 multi-channel color corrector. Additionally, a multi-operation satellite panel system, ODYSSEY’s Insight video server, and Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter media presentation software will be on display in this area of its booth.

FOR-A’s 4K production area will showcase 4K products, including the FT-ONE full 4K variable frame rate camera. This area will display how the FT-ONE and FOR-A’s HVS-2000 and other video switchers can be used as a combined system in 4K production environments.

New to the market is the ACK-3000 Advanced 3D Chroma Keyer. This is a 1 R/U unit that generates a virtual human shadow with 3D graphic technology. “The shadow light feature creates the illusion of a person realistically being at another on-screen location,” says the firm. Also shown in relation to this is the Thunderbolt 2 interface card, the HVS-100TB2, which can be used with FOR-A’s HVS-2000 and HVS-100/110 video switchers to build a compact virtual system.

For sports production FOR-A is debuting a product that combines the company’s image processing technology and virtual technology to achieve an effective video wall production system, called FLEXaVISION.

For file-based solutions, the LTS-70 server with LTO-7 archiving technology will be shown with the new LTR-200HS7 video archive recorder. An array of video server and file management system solutions will also be on display.

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