YANGAROO Announces Long-Form Ad Delivery Via Cloud

The new functionality allows the delivery of long-form advertising through the company’s cloud-based, Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) platform.

Users of the platform can access the services from a single UI to upload and distribute both short and long-form advertising content digitally to broadcast and cable destinations throughout the United States and Canada. 

Similar to short-form advertising delivery, YANGAROO’s platform also sends Proof of Delivery (POD) reports to the user, which provide signed confirmation that the destination site has taken action with the content.

“The ability for our customers to manage and send both short and long-form advertising from one single screen is a testament to our steadfast focus on advancing our technology to improve the user’s workflows. The simplicity of the UI and its ability to provide multiple discreet workflows, asset naming, and PODs, streamlines the delivery process, saving users time and money.”
Richard Klosa, CTO, YANGAROO.

The company has established a destination footprint of more than 16,000 television, radio, media, retailers, and other authorized recipients in the United States and Canada, with 100% market reach in Canada. In addition to the new long-form services, YANGAROO’s platform also provides productions services, such as tagging, encoding, slating, closed captioning, and more. The company provides 24/7 customer service and utilizes encryption to secure advertising content being delivered.

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