Tedial Thinks it Has a World Beating MAM

Spanish MAM specialist Tedial plans to launch a new asset management system at NAB and also highlight a new Business Process Management workflow engine, both of which it claims are light years ahead of the competition.

“Since 2001, Tedial has been a true industry visionary, bringing the most technologically advanced MAM and IT solutions to broadcasters and media companies in all corners of the globe,” explains Jay Batista, general manager, North American operations. “Last year we launched Tedial Evolution at NAB, which drove media management to a whole new level, and won acclaim via multiple industry awards. This year we are surpassing all expectations with the Version Factory and Evolution BPM. Both are light years ahead of traditional workflow solutions and provide our customers with an exponential measure of efficiency and path to profitability. ”

Based on 15 years of innovation, the Version Factory, is described as “the world’s first true media factory.” What that seems to mean is a single workflow that supports “millions of file input to output configurations which can be managed from a single operator screen.”

Designed to interface to content management/rights management/traffic and work order systems for automated operations, the Version Factory stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.), employs SMPTE standardized designs and provides the maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD platforms, network operations and media companies focused on managing their brand across all distribution formats.

The Evolution BPM is said to be the industry’s fastest and most flexible Business Process Management (BPMN 2.0 compliant) workflow engine. “Benchmarked against leading industry workflow engines such as Bonitasoft and Activity and already deployed in sites around the world, Evolution BPM is clocked 17x faster and scales linearly through platform additions, whether physical or virtual, with no limitations,” Tedial claim. “Real world statistics prove Evolution BPM can process 50,000 workflows in only 2.9 minutes on an average sized platform. Evolution BPM provides broadcasters and media companies with a cost effective foundation to operate their business practices efficiently.”

Added Batista, “In an industry that prides itself on being agnostic, at Tedial we’re proud to say we believe! We believe in business innovation, transformation and efficiency. And we believe our people are delivering the solutions our customers need to be successful and profitable.”

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