New Imagen MAM at NAB

Imagen Ltd (formerly known as Cambridge Imaging Systems) will present Imagen4, the new version of its Enterprise Video Platform, at BVE 2016 and then NAB.

“The latest release enables content owners to create new revenue streams from online subscription VOD packages, search large amounts of media using transcripts from audio tracks and advanced user analytics for insight into audience engagement,” says Ian Mottashed, Imagen, vp of Marketing.

“It’s an exciting time for the company, celebrating 20 years of video management alongside the release of Imagen Version 4. The platform has developed beyond measure over the past two decades, from one of the original MAMs into a world class video management application that is relied on by hundreds of companies around the world.”

Founding director Tony Blake will be joined by CEO Tom Blake in the UKTI International Business Theatre (Tuesday 23 Feb, 11:30 - 12:00 at BVE) to present a session entitled ‘Sustaining 20 years of growth - How Imagen has made an impact in managing the world's media’.

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