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Pre-NAB Push for GV EDIUS 8 Editor

NAB 2016 will provide a major showcase for Grass Valley’s EDIUS 8 editing system, which is aimed at both general production work and broadcast news. The platform was introduced in May 2015 with a range of new features, including a redesigned user interface, support for the Canon XF-AVC software package and upgraded 4k playback.

Grass Valley, part of the Belden group, launched EDIUS 8 last year in two versions: the EDIUS Pro, for production applications demanding fast and flexible cutting in a range of file formats; and EDIUS Workgroup, aimed at news and sport broadcasting where journalists and producers are working together on material simultaneously.

At the time it came on to the market the EDIUS 8 was claimed to be the first non-linear editor to work with Canon's proprietary XF-AVC video format, which is able to record 4k, 2k and HD images. This new standard forms the basis of the XC10 4k camcorder, a recent addition to the Cinema EOS range. EDIUS 8 also offers a GV browsing application for managing both moving and still pictures on PC before they are loaded into the editing system. Additionally there is a clip management facility and higher speed H.264 replay of 4k material. Intel Quick Sync Video enables material to be exported very quickly from the processor, with the ability to prepare images shot on smartphones for uploading to social media and YouTube.

Starting from 1 February this year Grass Valley made it possible for users of its existing EDIUS Neo system to upgrade to EDIUS 8 at lower cost. In Europe and the US it will cost €349 and $349 respectively to make the move; Japan has a separate programme available. "This upgrade programme makes it easy and affordable for users to move up to the latest features but the special pricing is available for only a limited time," comments Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing for Grass Valley. He added that the editing system was particularly aimed at news, live production and documentaries.

The EDIUS 8 offer runs until 30 April.

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