Veteran DP Shulkind Uses Zylight IS3c LED Soft Light on High-Profile Projects

Los Angeles-based director of photography Andrew Shulkind maintains a full schedule of commercial work, including Apple, Budwiser, Samsung and Old Spice. A veteran camera operator with more than a dozen motion pictures and television episodes to his credit, his commercials feature contrasting styles of comedy, visual effects and beauty shots. As one of the tools in his arsenal, Shulkind uses a Zylight IS3c LED soft light for color effects.

Shulkind does not use the Zylight IS3c as a “general purpose” lighting tool. Instead, he chooses to use the built-in Color Mode, which produces millions of colors without gels or filters. It throws rich splashes of color onto the set.

Recently, Shulkind used the IS3c on a green screen test. The background was a backlit heavy poly Visqueen. Beyond Zylight’s Color Mode, the IS3c features built-in controls for adjusting color temperature and color correction.

Shulkind increased color saturation, but was able to keep the brightness output low. The results from the IS3c were far better than any other LED instrument he tried.

ZyLink’s wireless technology allowed him to link multiple IS3cs together to create a uniform wall of light, with adjustments on one master being matched in all the slave units.

“I’ve used it very successfully when I need a good wash of color,” Shulkind said. “The controls are really exact on this unit. A lot of LEDs out there are trying to do the same thing, but it’s just a beautiful, even quality of light, which is rare in this space.”

Other manufacturers have recently introduced LED lights with adjustable color temperatures, but Zylight has offered fixtures with built-in color calibration since 2006. The IS3c includes a custom softbox, can be controlled via DMX and is available in white for permanent installations.

Founded in 2003, Zylight is a leading manufacturer of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry. Every model in its easy-to-use lighting system produces fully calibrated bright white light, while some also provide a spectrum of adjustable colors without gels. Full wireless control and DMX integration are included, and AC or DC power options are available. 

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