IK Multimedia Develops High-Quality Lurssen Audio Mastering for iOS-Based Devices

IK Multimedia has introduced its new Lurssen Mastering Console, a totally new mastering tool developed in collaboration with multi-Grammy Award winning mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen and the team at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, Calif.

Designed to be easy to use for musicians and producers of all skill levels, it faithfully digitally recreates the high quality mastering results found in a full studio. It provides parameters that can be recalled as 20 different “styles” (templates) that have been created by Gavin, Reuben and the team to reflect the settings they've developed in their decades of combined experience mastering hip-hop, rock, pop, Americana, country and more. Now, with Lurssen Mastering Console, musicians can make great sounding masters both at home and on the go.

The Lurssen Mastering Console represents a new approach to digital audio mastering. Streamlined and easy-to-use, it provides a complete emulation of the entire mastering processing chain. It gives users access to the their unique studio workflow, secret techniques, signal chains and technical knowhow, effectively condensing many decades' worth of mastering experience into a single, easy to use solution.

These 20 templates provide the real world expertise, perspective and secrets of mastering each musical genre. Not only do they feature high-quality digital mastering processors developed by IK Multimedia, but they also replicate the nuance and interaction between each processor in the chain. Each template's processors have already been set up and configured by Lurssen Mastering for effortlessly professional mastering results.

Users can take control of the mastering process thanks to its streamlined interface. After loading a song and selecting a style, users will be transported to a beautifully rendered studio interface based on Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. Musicians can take control of their master via Lurssen Mastering Console’s Input Drive knob, five band EQ and special “Push” knob, which lets users “ride” the flow of the song, making subtle and uniform EQ adjustments to enhance dynamics and create emotion throughout the song.

Adjustments to the Input Gain and Push knob can be recorded and automated. Changes to the five band EQ can be saved as presets on top of the Lurssen Mastering styles. Recorded automation can be viewed and edited thanks to Lurssen Mastering Console's waveform display.

The company said that, as with mixing, mastering is about ensuring that audio sounds as good as possible on as many playback devices as possible. The Lurssen Mastering Console allows for sonic detail thanks to its 88.2/96kHz DSP processing. Finished audio rendered with Lurssen Mastering Console sounds great in any format. It also outputs in all popular file formats from AAC to WAV, and FLAC, and can quickly export to File Sharing, SoundCloud services. 

With the Lurssen Mastering Console, musicians finally have a way to achieve professional-quality audio mastering results any time and everywhere they go. 
The Lurssen Mastering Console is available now for iPad via the App Store as a free app with a functional demo mode. All content can be unlocked via a one-time in-app purchase of $/€99.99. A standalone and plug-in version for Mac and PC is now available for preorder from the IK online store and authorized resellers for a special pre-order price of just $/€199.99. Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC is available now for $/€299.99.

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