Tektronix Updates Identity

Tektronix unveils a new logo, brand strategy and web re-design that emphasize the elimination of barriers between inspiration and the realization of world-changing technologies.

Beaverton, OR-based Tektronix, Inc., launched a new logo and brand strategy on 1 February 2016, the most significant change in its visual identity in 24 years. Founded in 1946, Tektronix became one of the most iconic technology companies in the electronics and broadcast television industry.

The legacy Tektronix logo has been refashioned, with the angle incorporated within the logotype as an upwards gesture of progress. The sans-serif type is given character by subtly clipping the ‘T’ letterforms, echoing the blue angle. Simple, definitive lines reflect the company's promise of performance.

The new logo has been rolled out across Tektronix digital and physical properties world-wide. It complements a comprehensive re-design of Tektronix websites that make it easier for customers to quickly find the solutions they need. New products will be branded with the refreshed logo. Existing inventory will continue to use the current logo during the transition period.

On the year of the company’s 70th anniversary, the refreshed logo pays respect to its heritage while pointing the way to the next phase of the company’s evolution, focused on accelerating the realization of innovative, world-changing technologies.

Electronic engineers have turned to Tektronix for general purpose measurement instrumentation. But as complexity and time-to-market pressures have increased, they need a much more complete solution to tackle these complex measurement problems and automate difficult measurement tasks. This in turn involves creating a stronger customer experience and brand identity that reinforces an emphasis on collaboration, integration, insight, precision, simplicity and speed.

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