Mackie Announces New Professional Subwoofer

Mackie has announced an all-new subwoofer built from the ground up to be the ultimate companion to its SRM450 and SRM350 powered loudpeakers. It’s called the SRM1550 Portable Powered Subwoofer.

Mackie said the SRM1550 subwoofer has a 1200 watt amplifier, custom high-output 15-inch woofer with three-inch voice coil and digital variable crossover. It is compact, portable and tuned to compliment the roadworthy SRM350 and SRM450 speakers to offer maximum punch and low frequency extension.

The subwoofer is quipped with stereo XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs plus a variable digital crossover that includes presets for the Mackie SRM350 and SRM450 speakers. A built-in Smart Protect DSP protects the 15-inch woofer when pushed to the limit.

The Mackie SRM1550 Powered Subwoofer will be available in April for $999.99.

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