L-S-B becomes Lawo

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH (L-S-B), German developer and manufacturer of broadcast control and monitoring solution Virtual Studio Manager (VSM), is now renamed Lawo and fully integrated into the Lawo company structure.

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies' products now will be marketed under the Lawo brand. Service, support, and project management with focus on R&D for VSM and theWALL will remain in Wiesbaden, whereas sales will be served via Lawo in Rastatt.

The two companies, L-S-B and Lawo, previously have worked closely together. The full integration of L-S-B into the Lawo brand represents the consistent result of the previous joint commitment to generate synergies in international sales and customer service. The common goal is to advance VSM as a manufacturer-independent control system, one that is open for all remote protocols, and to establish the new multiviewer control software, theWALL, to the worldwide market.

Jamie Dunn, Head of Global Sales for Lawo

Jamie Dunn, Head of Global Sales for Lawo

“Our customers will benefit from this integration in many ways. The additional R&D resources within Lawo and the extensive expertise in user interface design complement the existing capacity of the present Lawo GmbH team in Wiesbaden. They will help further develop the VSM toolbox and expand the user's experience. The company's expanded resources will enable VSM and theWALL to evolve even faster and better suited to customers’ needs and requirements”.
Jamie Dunn, Head of Global Sales for Lawo

Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing and Communications, added: “With this step we have reached a new level of R&D power, knowledge and experience. The extension of the Lawo portfolio of IP-based networking video and audio products provide comprehensive control solutions. We can now serve the broadcast industry with in-depth integration of VSM while offering turnkey-solutions from a single source.

Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing and Communications

Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing and Communications

Lawo will advance VSM and theWALL while keeping them a manufacturer-independent solution that supports more 3rd party equipment than any other technology available. This open approach perfectly fits within the Lawo philosophy of supporting open standards for the benefit of all customers.”

Lawo designs and manufactures control, video and audio technology for TV and radio broadcast production, post-production, as well as live performance and theatrical applications. Products include control software and hardware, digital audio mixing consoles, routers, video processing tools as well as IP-based A/V infrastructures.

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