fuboTV Selects Akamai To Create Global OTT Soccer Service

fuboTV has launched its OTT soccer streaming service using Akamai Technologies’ Adaptive Media Delivery solution.

fuboTV is using Akamai to deliver broadcast-quality live and on-demand soccer content to viewers worldwide. The Akamai solution helps the network reduce costs while simultaneously managing regional licensing agreements. Launched in January 2015, fuboTV delivers 30 to 40 live soccer games each week and hundreds of hours of VOD content to viewers' connected devices.

Since transitioning to Akamai and away from managing its own transcoding servers and numerous third-party providers, fuboTV successfully delivered two of soccer’s largest events, El Clasico and Copa America. Not only has the Akamai solution improved playback performance; the broadcaster says it has also saved thousands of dollars each month by avoiding server upgrades.

Sung Ho Choi, CTO, fuboTV said, “With predictability in pricing being a key priority as we went global, we found Akamai to be the only real option to help us cost-effectively deliver live matches. I had always planned to take advantage of Akamai’s services and was pleased that it made economic sense to use them during our startup phase. The transition went smoothly because Akamai has battle-tested its solutions and developed clear procedures for migration and going live.”

fuboTV leverages Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery solution, which includes token authentication that grants authorized viewers access to premium content, while managing content targeting to meet regional licensing agreements. The company also uses Akamai’s NetStorage cloud-based storage platform and Media Services Live to quickly deploy and scale for live events.

“fuboTV’s customers expect an instantaneous, high-quality stream whenever they want and wherever they are,” said John Bishop, CTO of Media at Akamai. “With the help of Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions, fuboTV delivers optimal viewing experiences through OTT streaming that is on par with – or better than – what’s experienced on traditional television.”

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