Barnfind at Chinese Youth Games

Barnfind Technologies’ BarnOne series signal transport system was selected for the IBC Media Center for the 1st Chinese Youth Games. The BarnOne system was used for signal transmission, routing, switching, and monitoring for the IBC Media Center in Fuzhou Haixia Olympic Sports Center, 12 stadiums, Fujian sports channel, CCTV sports channel, studio signal, and the feed to the on-site video wall. The 1st Chinese Youth Games came to a successful close on October 27th following 10 days of competition when more than 7900 athletes from 55 delegations competed in 305 events in Fujian Province.

BarnOne at Fuzhou Haixia Olympic Sports Cente

BarnOne at Fuzhou Haixia Olympic Sports Cente

Following an intense two-month testing period, Barnfind's products performed flawlessly throughout the live broadcasts. The BarnOne series played an important role as a communication hub for all signal transport/switching/routing/conversion. Several BarnOne frames (BTF01-04, 32 SFP ports with 32x32 matrix) were used as main & redundant optical/electrical signal transport and core signal matrix routing with many BarnMini-01 (BNC-SFP bi-directional) units installed separately in 12 venues to send the live signal (main & redundant) back to the BTF01-04 frames in IBC Media center. The BarnOne units and the BarnMini throw down boxes distributed the communication between IBC media center and other surrounding venues.

Mr. Pan, Chief Technical Person-in Charge for the China Youth Games said: 'Barnfind’s innovative technology in the product design enabled us to be confident in their product performance in many different practical applications. It helped to achieve a successful and satisfactory signal transport carried by us. A durable, stable and high-quality signal transport which provided a great efficiency and convenience for our entire broadcasting session.”.

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