GoPro for a Cause

The “GoPro for a Cause” program rewards organizations trying to make this a better world by providing video equipment and production know-how to advance their cause.

The tiny but powerful little Hero cameras from GoPro have changed the world of action photography. Now they are being used to change the world itself with the “GoPro for a Cause” program. You can see the results at this GoPro site.

“GoPro is one of the most exciting brands on social media today,” Kelly Leggoe, project manager for “GoPro for a Cause” told The Broadcast Bridge. “We really wanted to help give back by helping people capture their passions and experiences, so ‘GoPro for a Cause’ encourages altruistic people share their stories to inspire and promote their movements and inspire the world.”

Now GoPro has partnered with non-profit organizations around the world to provide equipment support, media production support, and training on video techniques to produce videos about the causes they support. When people respond by donating to the organization, GoPro matches their contribution and helps them build an audience with their Web streaming support.

GoPro cameras range in both price and capability.

GoPro cameras range in both price and capability.

“We take many considerations into consideration when choosing organizations to be part of the ‘GoPro for a Cause’ program, Leggoe said. “These include need, location, diversification of content, their humanitarian and educational initiatives, and conservation activities.”

GoPro not only provides camera equipment, but also supports the organizations with production and post production training with their GoPro Studio software.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Mauli Ola Foundation, who introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis.

The Mauli Ola Foundation

Bicycles Against Poverty who believes affordable transportation changes lives.

Bicycles Against Poverty

Ms. Leggoe assured The Broadcast Bridge that this will be an ongoing project with additional videos building a library of resources that will become a permanent part of the GoPro Web site.

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