Why we bought Nativ

Jay Fulcher, Ooyala president and CEO explains the purchase of Nativ as pivotal for the maturing of OTT content delivery.

Today we took another big step forward in executing our strategy to deliver the most comprehensive platform for managing, distributing and monetizing personalized cloud TV and video services. We acquired media logistics software and services company Nativ, based in London, whose MioEverywhere media logistics platform is used by some of the world’s top content owners and brands to manage workflows for video production, post-production and planning for both on-air and OTT distribution.

This exciting acquisition, our second in nine months, comes at a pivotal time for Ooyala and for the industry. The day is approaching when over-the-top consumption becomes the majority of TV viewing. But this new TV marketplace can’t be serviced by legacy broadcast business systems. The technologies for managing media workflow for on-air content delivery are undergoing major transformation in the same way that media delivery and monetization platforms are evolving into more open, modular cloud-based environments.

A transformation of this scale represents massive new business opportunity. New data-driven technologies and services like Ooyala’s have the power to transform the way broadcasters, media companies and brands operate in a multi-screen, mobile world.

To date, our focus on video publishing, analytics and monetization have put us at the forefront of the industry. When Ooyala joined forces with Telstra last year, we outlined how our ongoing investments and commitment to our shared vision would help us scale our business more rapidly, bolstering the strength of our video platform by combining our own organic innovation with key technologies gained through acquisition – a strategy we began by purchasing Videoplaza last fall – and establishing a more open framework for integrating with partner technologies.

Today’s acquisition enables us to increase the modularity of our platform, so we can better partner with complementary technology providers, vendors, and channel partners. It also creates a lucrative new line of business in the early stages of the TV and video life cycle - centered around workflows for video production, post-production and hybrid OTT and on-air broadcast planning.

With Nativ’s MioEverywhere platform we can deliver a highly scalable, comprehensive platform that helps our customers more intelligently and more efficiently manage their content business every step of the way, from creation to monetization. We will operate the MioEverywhere platform as a new line of business under the Ooyala brand and will integrate it with our core video, analytics and ad tech offerings.

Our platform will be flexible enough to plug into both existing legacy systems and third-party solutions, enabling us to take a "start anywhere, go anywhere" approach in which we meet the unique needs of our customers regardless of their required point of integration. Nativ will help us increase the interoperability of every platform component and will create a framework that makes it easier to build, maintain, and grow your business with Ooyala.

Please join me in welcoming Nativ to Ooyala. Together, we will continue to raise the bar for innovation on behalf of our customers and we’ll drive new standards of quality and scale that help meet the ever-increasing expectations of consumers who are taking more control of their TV viewing every day. 

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