CHILI Guards Against Piracy With Civolution

Italian streaming and downloading content distributor CHILI is using Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE VS7000 multi-screen and HEVC encoding platform to deliver HEVC 4K content via its pay TV movie service platform.

According to Thomson, a ViBE VS7000 multi-screen and HEVC encoding platform and a NexGuard Streaming video watermarking enabled CHILI to offer an Ultra HD service that delivers premium video quality and full compliance with the MovieLabs specifications for UHD content protection. CHILI is protecting that content using watermarking technology from NexGuard, a Civolution company.

This new Ultra HD service comes as an addition to CHILI's online streaming service, which reaches more than 460,000 consumers worldwide. CHILI launched its new Ultra HD service in late May.

"As Ultra HD screens start to permeate the marketplace, there is greater and greater demand for 4K content to fill them,” said Stefano Flamia, CTO of CHILI. “Putting a system in place that lets us deliver Ultra HD movies and TV series to all internet-connected devices is critical to our business, because it's all about giving our customers the best quality."

The ViBE VS7000 is powered by the MediaFlex video operating system. The VS7000 enables live transcoding, branding, and other A/V processing functions in the cloud and on virtualized platforms, in addition to physical, on-premises resources. MediaFlex enables the ViBE VS7000 to create a cluster of servers, manage automatic load balancing and failover, and simplify integration of new software modules.

"Thomson Video Networks is one of the first OTT systems providers to offer Ultra HD products that are compliant with the MovieLabs 'Next Generation Video' and 'Enhanced Content Protection' specifications, the mandates coming from Hollywood studios that define protocols for delivering premium content," said Eric Gallier, vp, marketing, Thomson Video Networks.

CHILI, which has been rolled out in Italy, Poland, Austria, Germany and the UK, provides VOD movies and Electronic Sell-through content via multiple devices.

Its platform is available to over 460,000 consumers on all internet-connected devices, including smart TVs, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. 

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