CyBC Deploys Dalet Media Archive Management

CyBC TV, Radio and Online media departments centralizes archives on Dalet Media Life

The system offers a unified repository of assets directly connected to production, content preparation and content delivery workflows. Leading the design, integration and training was Dalet business partner, Pierides TechnoSystems Ltd.

CyBC needed a sustainable broadcast archive. It deployed Dalet Media Life to meet and manage its content assets. The focus was on importing and structuring existing metadata and media files coming from different systems. The Dalet MAM platform facilitates this as well as integrating with current production and playout systems.

CyBC is the content hub for radio, news, sports and commercial broadcasts. Its archives span several decades. They contain video, audio, books and documents stored on discs, videotapes and siloed storage systems.

The new workflow leverages advanced metadata management and automation capabilities to facilitate the complexities of transcoding content, propagating metadata, tracking assets, and distributing media. Dalet metadata sets were defined by CyBC detailed business rules. The metadata sets captured extensive asset details, structure content access, and assigned content to the appropriate archive tier, optimizing the entire storage and archive infrastructure.

Twelve Dalet Brio broadcast servers support multiple archive ingest scenarios including a huge legacy content migration project. The underlying Dalet Galaxy MAM platform generates metadata-rich content and associated proxies that are stored centrally, while the federated search engine and easy-to-use production tools vastly improve retrieving, enriching and re-purposing CyBC archival assets.

Through a standard web browser, CyBC staff can browse production storage and archives, make shot selections, and storyboard packages using low-resolution proxies. Dalet ensures the corresponding high-resolution media is associated with shot lists and pushed to third-party systems for further editing or distribution.

To ensure content continuity among third-party systems, Dalet Media Life integrates with the CyBC online, nearline and offline storage systems from:


NetApp and


The Dalet Xtend module facilitates access for Adobe Premiere CC editors, maintaining genealogy and metadata inheritance across post-production activities.

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