Vizrt Joins With deltatre to offer Data-Integrated Live Graphics Package For Rio Games in 2016

Vizrt is working with sports media services company delarte to deliver an end-to-end solution for producing rich data-integrated broadcast graphics for the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

Vizrt is developing a package of both hardware and software complete with competition and athlete data from the Olympic Data Feed (ODF). This data includes information on individual athletes and competitions such as results, medal tables and world records. The official XML-based feed, delivered live during the games by Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) is fed into delarte’s Magma platform. This software is used to convert the live sports data into customizable broadcast-ready graphics. The graphics are then rendered by Viz Engine and prepared for playout.

Carlo De Marchis, chief product officer at deltatre said: “This package complements the rich digital offering we have put in place for Rio 2016 and shows off the best of deltatre and Vizrt. Our Magma platform simplifies and enhances the storytelling of each sport during the games. By using Viz Engine for rendering and leveraging deltatre’s Multisports experience by using the ODF, we can help broadcasters covering the games to bring the constantly changing information to life and provide a new customizable tool for their in-depth analysis in a very cost effective way.”

With staff in Turin, London, Manchester, Genève, Paris, Munich, Miami, Portland, Sydney and Mumbai, deltatre has over 29 years’ experience at the highest level of international sport.

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