PlayBox is Cost-Saving Core of News India 24/7

News India 24/7 uses Playbox Technology Automation to control costs at its Jaipur, Northern India headquarters.

PlayBox announced that News India 24/7 has selected a PlayBox Technology Automation as the technical core of their studio infrastructure in its Jaipur, Northern India headquarters.

Reliability and cost control were a big factor in News India 24/7's choice. The design of News India 24/7 uses a mixture of technologies. They include full integration of PlayBox Technology playout automation system and the News Room Automation System, as well as the professional storage, teleprompter and online real time 3D graphics.

News India 24/7 needed to improve operations efficiency. Daily operations were becoming an enormous drain on its resources, particularly in terms of manpower, time management, and finance. The network's management recognized that a system based on PlayBox Technology AirBox, TitleBox, SafeBox and ListBox would allow it to maximize efficiency in all of these areas and simplify the work process.

The workflow starts with ingesting a baseband signal into a standard broadcast format with proper metadata tagging and any additional data required. Then, It’s automatically transferred to a central storage server via the SafeBox module. Stored files are available anywhere on the network for download or editing. After post-production, it can be added to the playout schedule. Related video clips can be attached to the story along with graphics and text.

The bulletin producer has complete authority to prioritize stories for a particular program. A single click assigns script to the prompter, CG to the graphic processor and video to the production servers.The final output from the main video server goes to the PCR Production switcher. Content feeds are routed from the two studios, edits, storage, NEWS ROOM, XDCAM, RSS, playout servers, DVCAM and news sources such as the ANI, BBC, CNN and Reuters. All sources can then be forwarded to operator-selected destinations.

The system is controlled from production control rooms #1 and #2 and from the MCR. PCR1 infrastructure is fully 1+1 redundant, whereas PCR 2 has single playout server and the Master Control Room is equipped with Channel-in-a-Box for playing commercials. The entire workflow is designed in such a way that it enables News India 24/7 to publish content directly to the social media network from the Newsroom itself. Full on-site training was provided to the News India 24/7 studio staff.

Visit PlayBox at NAB 2015 in Booth N5512.

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