Custom Consoles Module-R Chosen For Globally Active NGO

Custom Consoles announces the completion of a television production gallery desk for the headquarters of an internationally active NGO. Designed and integrated in partnership with Geneva-based broadcast systems integrator Visuals, the desk will be used by technical staff supervising media coverage of various conferences and related events held during the course of each year.

"The optimal solution for this project was an L-shaped desk positioned parallel with the front wall of the production gallery," says Jérôme Ternoy, Visuals Broadcast Systems' Engineering Manager. "We recommended a design based on Custom Consoles' Module-R furniture elements as these have proved highly effective in many of our control room projects over the years. Module-R allows a customer or system integrator to configure desks or storage pods to provide the exact features required within a given set of room dimensions. The resultant desks combine clean and purposeful styling with operator-friendly ergonomics and great structural robustness. Custom Consoles understands the need for easy equipment access, both during initial installation and throughout the life of the system, as well as the importance of internal cable ducting and monitor display mounting."

Comprising nine bays in width plus two extra bays forming an additional wing, the 5.3 by 1.75 metre desk is designed for simultaneous use by up to three operators. Integrated technical facilities include, from left, a lighting control panel, Yamaha audio mixer, four camera control panels and a NewTek vision mixing panel. Seven equipment pods are located immediately behind the main work surface, accommodating up to 23 rack units of additional communication or processing devices. Nine video displays are mounted on Ergotron individually-adjustable monitor support arms attached to the rear of the desk. Eight removable panels below the desktop allow equipment to be added or removed when necessary during product installation or for routine maintenance.

Finished in grey with a high-durability titanium-grey linoleum worktop surface and black side panels, the desk is supported by six silver-anodised extruded aluminium legs mounted on steel skids. The legs and skids include concealed ducts allowing power and signal cables to be routed safely and invisibly from floor level into the equipment bays.

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