Scality Secures Branded Content

Nightshift, a provider of digital content for brands including L’Oréal Paris, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss uses Scality RING software-defined storage.

“We develop creative content for the most well-known brands in the beauty market around the globe,” said Mathieu Hue, Nightshift’s MD. “We simply can’t afford to lose any footage or our work-in-progress, so we trust all of our high-value content storage to Scality RING as we work on it. This involves ingestion of raw footage, editing and post-production work, and secure storage.”

Raw video footage is immediately protected on the RING using file protocols to be kept safe and available for editing and post-production work including colour grading movies, as well as for streaming secure screenings through Nightshift’s exclusive tools for customer reviews and approvals from locations around the globe. The storage platform at Nightshift totals over a petabyte of data.

“Nightshift combines innovative technological vision with the best talent in the industry,” added Hue. “The bottom line is that our software-defined storage from Scality is entirely reliable and resilient. We know our critical assets—the products of our hard work—won’t be lost. Period.”

Nightshift deployed multiple Supermicro servers running Scality software through partner Digital Storage.

Scality RING brings reliability, availability and performance to multiple use cases in the media and entertainment space. Software-defined Scality RING object storage turns any standard x86 server into highly expandable storage. It scales without limits and guarantees 100 percent availability—all while reducing costs by as much as 90 percent compared to legacy systems. 

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