Marshall Electronics’ CV225 Mini Camera Used Inflight

Aviation and extreme sports photographer OnBoard Images explains its use of the CV225 Full-HD Lipstick Mini Camera.

President Mark Magin and his partner Angela Harris have put more cameras in different types of aircraft than anybody in the world. Magin and Harris were the first civilians to mount cameras on the F-22 aircraft.

When the award-winning aviation industry video production team was looking for a more traditional lipstick camera to integrate into various aircraft with a transmitter, they found the solution with the CV225 Full-HD Lipstick Mini Camera from Marshall.

Magin says, “Up until that point, there really wasn’t a great solution for aircraft mounts and this type of application. I needed a more traditional true broadcast lipstick camera and the existing sports cameras weren’t doing the job for what we needed. I purchased my first CV225 and was immediately impressed. Its weatherproof, bullet type design and lower profile was really appealing to me, as far as what we do. I currently have 12 in my inventory and have recently installed 16 others in aircraft permanently.”

OnBoard Images works on aviation events and with performers including GEICO Skytypers, Indy 500 fly over and the Reno Air Races.

“For the Reno Air Races, we had six classes of aircraft flying everyday live to their online production and the big screens on site,” adds Magin. “Each one of those aircraft had a CV225 with some type of different recorder application and transmitter in the aircraft. We are working with a really high g-force environment a lot of the time. It’s not uncommon for some of my customers to pull 10 or 12 g’s for a sustained two or three seconds through a maneuver. In most applications, the tiny CV225 becomes part of a system that includes a transmitter, recorder and power supply. This kit weights about 6 lbs, which translates to about 70 lbs under g-load. Size and weight in my world are incredibly important. The CV225 has the right dimensions and the right packaging to work remarkably well for this application.”

He added, “I really like the CV225’s lens interchangeability and HD-SDI output so I can integrate it with a transmitter. I also like that I can go in and paint the camera’s set, shutters, white balance, etc. That’s all the stuff that you'd like to be able to do that most sports cameras relegate to auto functions.”

“The biggest thing that separates OnBoard Images and makes it difficult for somebody to just jump in and do what we do is our 25-year relationship with air shows, aviation and performers,” says Magin. “We build everything custom and I can't emphasize safety enough. Everything we do is a calculated plan, and everybody's involved. People know our practices and procedures, and they know when we put something in their airplane, it’s safe and there’s been a lot of thought put into it. In 2013, we were so grateful to receive the highest honor in the air show industry when we were awarded the ICAS Sword of Excellence.

“This is not the type of business you jump right into. It takes a lot of time to develop trust and relationships with people. Our relationship with Live Air Show TV and AIRSHOW360 has been wonderful as has our collaborations with JM Outdoor, Convergent Design and Wave Central. In our business, you can’t go back and do another take. These relationships are invaluable for us and working with these amazing companies and people, along with Marshall, make the difficult work we do, look easy.”

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