Arti And StormGeo Deliver SaaS Augmented Reality Weather

Broadcasters can now deliver AR weather reports from anywhere without a green screen  .

Israel-based Arti, developers of a cloud-based augmented reality (AR) platform for broadcasters, announced a partnership with Norway’s StormGeo to create a SaaS platform for AR weather reporting.

“Using the Arti AR platform, StormGeo Studio customers will be able to integrate StormGeo’s objects like weather maps, 3D graphics, and data streams into their videos as AR—all in real time,” explained Yaron Zakai-Or, Arti Co-founder & CEO. “This provides broadcasters with amazing new flexibility to deliver engaging AR weather reports outside the studio, on-location, as weather events are unfolding.”

Arti is described as “like an AR studio that fits in your pocket.” Unlike AR solutions that require on-premise hardware and are designed to be used by dedicated design teams in a studio, Arti is a software-only, cloud-based platform that can be used anywhere. All you need is a camera, a laptop, and an internet connection to create engaging AR videos that can include embedded 2D and 3D objects, social feeds, data streams, web browsers, and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Arti and provide our customers with the ability to easily deliver high-quality, augmented reality weather reports, without needing a green screen,” said Ragnvald Moberg, VP Media at StormGeo. “Adding AR elements will make our customers’ broadcasts more engaging and help them reach a bigger audience.”

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