CJP Announces Streamstar Remote Live Production System

CJP Broadcast’s Streamstar NDX 400 IP/NDI is an all-in-one live production and streaming studio designed for applications such as television and radio newscasting, educational programme-making, conference coverage and esports.

"The NDX 400 elevates mobile content production and streamcasting to an entirely new level and at a very affordable price," says CJP Broadcast Sales & Service Coordinator Kieran Phillips. "It is very easy to transport, quick to set up and a pleasure to operate. Entire projects can be managed by a single operator if IP-linked remote pan/tilt/zoom cameras are used. Incoming feeds can be mixed for live delivery or recorded for later transmission, supplemented by content from the system's internal media player."

4:4:4:4 AlphaRGB video signal processing is used within the NDX 400 for graphics and overlays. Completed content can be stored as NDI files or in live stream format. Many production processes within the system can be preset to maximise workflow efficiency. These include automated camera switching, automated vision mixer transitions, automated graphics ingest, CG sequencing and crawl, automated scene management and automated playlist handling. The complete system is housed in a 2U chassis.

Among additional production-related features are a multi-channel IP-based camera control unit, camera tally and input stream management, stored-content editing and trimming with definable in/out points, template-editable picture-in-picture and split-screen effects, multiple insert layers (logo/overlay/CG/ingest), external graphics over NDI superimposition with adjustable transparency, and CG project export/import.

Connectivity capabilities include IP and NDI inputs for remote sources such as encoders, cameras and smartphones as well as for NDI graphics capture. Up to four NDI or IP stream inputs can be connected. The NDX 400 also accepts external control data from devices such as audio mixers. Output feeds can be sent via NDI protocol to external NDI infrastructure, NDI to SDI/HDMI decoders or NDI applications. Also provided are SDI/HDMI outputs linking to external decoders, SDI/HDMI monitors or a digital broadcast network.

The appliance provides support for live streaming platforms such as Akamai, Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and Wowza. It is supplied complete with a 32:9 aspect ratio ultra wide monitor which can be switched between three multi-view modes.

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