Bittree 12G+ Micro-Video Self-Normalling Patchbay

Supporting 4K transmission over a single 12Gb/s SDI connection, the 12G+ Micro-Video Self-Normalling High-Density Single-Link Patchbay offers 2x32 or 2x48 density in 1RU, 1.5RU, or 2RU form factors.

"No one else in the industry offers this kind of patchbay with 2x48 density," said Bryan Carpenter, senior sales consultant at Bittree. "Plus, it supports up to 8K resolution, so it's a future-proof investment that will remain a vital part of customers' workflows as their operations move beyond HD."

The 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay delivers 24 GHz, high-bandwidth performance for SD/SDI, HD/SDI, UHD/SDI, 4K, 8K, and HDR applications. Compliant with SMPTE 292M, 424M, 2081-1, and 2082-1, the 12G+ patchbay provides true 75-ohm impedance with low return loss. The 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay is also available with self-terminating and non-terminating connections.

When equipped with built-in normalling capability, the unit automatically routes a source signal plugged into a top port on the rear panel with the destination equipment connected to the port directly below it. A patch cord inserted into the front of the unit can then be used to send the source to another piece of equipment.

"It's not unusual for a source to be routed to a particular piece of equipment almost all of the time," Carpenter explained. "Our new 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay simplifies that routing, but also makes it easy to override it with a patchcord when necessary. Bittree is the first to offer self-normalling as an option at this high bandwidth." 

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