​Axim Remote Keep Broadcasters Alive

Axim Remote Studios says multiple program contributions per week are managed remotely from Nashville TN, and sent to the Fox directly by SRT or via a CDN using its technology.

“What has been proven is, not only the quality of using a system like the Axim Remote Studio, but the practicality and potential costs savings to broadcast networks going forward,” says Ian Hudson CEO.

“People believe these systems to be complex or difficult to manage. What the current situation has allowed us to demonstrate is that it is simple to install, simple to manage and it is at an annualised price point comparable to having a crew in for a day.”

Axim is a remote studio system delivering streaming video and audio over standard internet with a low packet loss in industry standard H.264 and NDI.

A PC interface allows users to take complete control of the studio. "Alternatively, you can hand the reigns to the broadcaster or production team you’re working with or outsource the process to one of our partner companies," says the company. "The system is available as a compact portable that will fit in an overhead locker or an office-based system that allows you to add logo’s and scrolling text to your streams. Eight user definable pre-sets allow recall of everything from stand height, camera settings, lighting, zoom and focus, together with two industry standard IP telephone lines allowing production instructions to be fed to you before, during and after production makes Axim as professional and flexible as being in a fully staffed studio." 

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