PlayBox Neo Powers More New TV Channels

Talented Serbian musician’s media company chooses PlayBox Neo CiaB to be the content source for three new TV channels.

PlayBox Neo recently announced Minacord Media, founded and owned by musician Zeljko Joksimovic, has chosen PlayBox Neo (Version 19) Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) systems to power three new Minacord Media TV channels: Kazbuka, K1 and TV Doctor. All three channels will be transmitted via cable and IPTV in Serbia, and on the Go4TV mobile-TV platform across Croatia, Slovenia, Austria plus the wider European Union, Switzerland, Canada and the USA. The project was negotiated and completed by PlayBox Neo distribution partner PBT Adria, from initial design and cabling through to on-site integration, configuration and testing.

"Our aim is to establish a dynamic group of channels which, between them, will appeal to every age group," Zeljko Joksimovic comments. "Kazbuka, meaning 'Alphabet', is reserved for youngsters who are eager to discover new things, adventures, music, and entertainment. It is a blend of content which will make kids laugh, learn and enjoy dubbed cartoons. K1 is a mix of videos and shows following the work of well-known performers; we anticipate that its rich music content will give this channel a strong following. TV Doctor deals with family health issues including diet and use of pharmaceutical products in everyday life."

"Many TV channels depend heavily on outside sources for their content. We are taking a more original approach by creating up to six hours of content per day at studios in Belgrade and Pancevo. These will be high-quality productions with well-known participants, talented presenters and experienced directors. Our equipment is full broadcast quality from end to end."

Full Control

"PlayBox Neo was the obvious choice for channel branding and playout as it gives us full control over the entire process from scheduling, titling and interstitials management right through to delivery. A key requirement was the ability to automate as much as possible while keeping our production options open to accommodate live inserts or last-minute changes in running order. Efficient expandability and easy third-party device integration were also important so that we are free to add extra channels easily at any time in the future. PlayBox Neo answers at every level."

"The system we have provided comprises four complete channels with three-plus-one redundancy protection," adds PBT Adria's General Manager Vladimir Stanić. "Structurally they include four PlayBox Neo-19 servers, each with AirBox Neo-19 playout automation and control, TitleBox Neo-19 graphics preparation, subtitling and text manipulation, Multi Backup Manager for monitoring and supervision and SafeBox Neo-19 for automatic content and playlist transfer across the channels."

"Two 96 terabyte network-attached storage servers give fast access to a very large amount of content, supplemented by an LTO tape archive which can be searched and accessed from any connected workstation. We also integrated our own Traffic Box traffic management software to handle program rights, commercials and promos. The entire system is connected via 10G SDI infrastructure including KVM control interfaces, signal routing and distribution, multi-viewers, video monitor displays and equipment racks. On completion of the actual build, we organized onsite training for Minacord's production team and technical staff. Everything proceeded on time and within budget. The system is now in full operation pending the official launch."

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