Aaton-Digital Updates CantarX3 Audio Firmware

Aaton-Digital has upgraded the firmware for its Cantar X3 audio mixer to version 3.200.C6, which offers three new options. 

Aaton-Digital said the Dante + option is intended for users who wish to work with the Dante inputs in a proactive way. It offers a complete set of settings for the 32 Dante inputs of the CantarX3.

The new functionality is composed of a limiter, phase inversion functionality and a digital gain whose maximum is set per input between +0dB max up to +36 dB max and an equalization module. All parameters are set through the SOLO dialog box.

A new Sub Group routing grid allows users to create up to 24 mix buses which can be applied to two independent auxiliary channels. Both channels can be sent to digital or analog outputs or recorded to tracks. All 24 bus mixes are fully controllable (gain and EQ).

AatonMix automatically attenuates channels that have a weak signal at the input.

In the current algorithm, this attenuation is limited to -25 dB. The AatonMix algorithm never amplifies by itself the signal sent in the mixdown.

The operating position of the AatonMix is open mixdowm faders. Consequently, at any time the user can manually mute a channel in the mixdown by closing the corresponding fader.

Four independent AatonMix groups can be chosen and applied to selected channels and used as complement or take the place of the user mix-down process. Each channel can be routed to Mix Left (Xl) or Mix Right (Xr) or both.

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