Bittree Announces SMPTE 12 Camera Hybrid Patchbay

Bittree has debuted a SMPTE Camera Hybrid Patchbay, featuring a new SMPTE-style connector that supports up to 12 cameras at 8K resolution.

Bittree said the space-efficient unit is the company’s first hybrid connector patchbay and fits in 1RU. It will be featured at the 2020 NAB Show.

Designed for OB production trucks, multi-studio and stadium environments, the SMPTE Camera Hybrid Patchbay provides a smaller, more organized patching system for cameras and CCUs. It eliminates the need to send a technician to change I/O connections on the outside of a production truck, simplifying field and color correction setup.

It also allows for the easy changing of camera positions when moving cameras within central studios or stadiums. A throughput device, the SMPTE Camera Hybrid Patchbay supports all-fiber rich content productions.

"Fiber-based systems are becoming more and more popular with 4K-driven productions because they allow for more bandwidth and longer cable runs," said Bryan Carpenter, senior sales consultant at Bittree. “With support for 8K resolution, our new hybrid patchbay is a great long-term investment for any facility or mobile production unit.”

Each low profile patch point on the front panel features a locking, quick-thread hybrid connector with a red alignment indicator and polarizing pin for reliable connectivity. The new patchbay incorporates expanded beam technology on the front optical patch point connection, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning or adjustment.

A dust cap with lanyard is also supplied on all patch points and patch plugs. The fiber rear interface offers a choice of three types of single-mode connections – Dual ST, LC, or SC.

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