Broadcast Solutions Builds New HD OB Trailer For ONT In Belarus

Germany-based Systems integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH has delivered a new OB truck to public broadcaster ONT in Belarus. The broadcaster plans to use the new production vehicle to improve its coverage of live events in Belarus and abroad.

Designed as a trailer with one extension, the new OB Van is now the largest in ONT’s fleet, equipped with eight Grass Valley LDX 82 Premiere HD cameras, but can support eight more plus two wireless cameras.

Besides the Grass Valley cameras, ONT is relying on a Grass Valley Kahuna 2 M/E production switcher, MV820 multiviewer, a Vega Router with 180x180 cross points and additional Grass Valley modular conversion equipment. For the audio area ONT has installed a Calrec Audio Brio 36 audio console, TC Electronic audio effects and RTW Audio Measurement system. A Riedel Communications Artist 128 system is used for communication within the truck and with on-site teams. Also, an IHSE Draco tera KVM system secures access to all systems.

For operation, control and workflow management, the ONT OB Van uses the “hi – human” interface control system developed by Broadcast Solutions. This system controls all production-related areas in the truck, such as video router, multiviewer, audio router and tally. Intuitive touch interfaces and hi hardware control panels simplify daily production operations in the OB Van and provide easy access to all important functions.

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