Genelec Upgrades Audio Monitoring On The North American Lennon Tour Bus

Genelec, a long time sponsor of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, has upgraded the mobile education center with its “The Ones” audio monitors.

The Lennon Bus, a state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility, regularly provides free digital media production workshops to schools across the U.S. and Canada.

Genelec has been a sponsor of the Lennon Bus using two-way 8240A Smart Active Monitors and 7260A subwoofer. These were originally installed in each of the Bus’s 5.1 studios. The original monitors have now been replaced with the new compact speakers.

The upgrade has seen the U.S. Lennon Bus move to the same technical setup as its European counterpart, with all 10 of the original 8240As having been directly replaced by 8341A coaxial studio monitors, with the 7260A subwoofers being retained.

Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring technology has been particularly important for this project, since this has enabled the Lennon Bus’s technical team to create specific calibration presets for different configurations of the vehicle, using Genelec’s GLM software.

“The ability to tune the speakers to the room and the fact that it is a really simple, easy process is fantastic,” said Jeff Sobel, Creative Technology Director for the Lennon Bus. “The Bus is a configurable space. It has sliding glass doors that can partition off the rooms from each other and that changes the acoustics of the space as well.

"Using the Genelec Smart Active Monitoring technology, we can have different calibration presets for ‘doors open’ and ‘doors closed,’ to suit various ways we work. Our Bus is designed to be as flexible as possible and the Genelec monitors are perfectly suited to that.”    

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