VoiceInteraction Shows New Media Monitoring Solution

Improvements in speech processing technologies increase the power of media monitoring systems.

VoiceInteraction showed its new Media Monitoring Solution specially designed for IBC 2019 introduction. The company is following the rapid changes in the media monitoring industry and adding more powerful benefits for TV broadcasters.

Expectations around a competent Media Monitoring Solution are evolving by the day, and knowledge is the keyword that best describes a state-of-the-art system. To keep up with the dynamic pace of TV production and management, TV stations need a system that is not only able to provide all the typical recording, monitoring and compliance features. They also need the ability to extract and make use of content-specific knowledge.

With a strong speech processing and machine learning background, VoiceInteraction tailored its Media Monitoring Solution to TV Broadcasters’ specific needs and introduced innovative features in such a system. The new solution includes the permanent availability of a speech recognition system to retrieve language specific data, and a ‘Natural Language Processing engine’ to analyze, classify and cluster the spoken concepts.

It also includes Identification of known speakers associated with every utterance of a speaker, advertisement identification based on the audio track, program segmentation based on automatic content classification. Spoken language detection for multi-language feeds was also added as was a real-time alert system of non-conforming TV broadcast parameters

The distinctive overlay of content specific data with monitoring reports enables MMS-BE to be effectively shared between several departments in a TV Station. Engineering can access all the recording and operational conditions of the system through an exhaustive alert center system. Journalists can use the knowledge search system to gather information about the context of the past topic coverages to substantiate the creation of current reality views. Production can collect all the broadcasted TV data and analyze it thoroughly allowing the internal optimization of processes and supports production planning.

For sales and marketing, these key aspects of the revenue chain are supported in MMS-BE by allowing programming analysis in terms of share and ratings data. It also allows frame-level content comparation with market competitors.

“We are thrilled to have a compelling offer in the competitive Media Monitoring space and we’re glad to present a refreshing solution that has not only the expected features in a recording and monitoring system but is also backed by a strong speech AI engine that is able to generate very useful metadata.”, said product manager Hailton Lopes.

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