WorldCast To Supply Transmission To UK’s Purbeck Coast FM

WorldCast Systems will supply the first Ecreso FM transmitter in the UK along with APT IP Silver codecs to Purbeck Coast FM.

Purbeck Coast FM began broadcasting earlier this year from studios in Swanage, Dorset, to an audience of listeners in Swanage and the surrounding area. It is now one of several hundred low-power FM community stations in the UK.

In late 2018, UK distributor Baudion was approached by Purbeck Coast FM for a transmission system to link the studios on Swanage Pier to their transmitter site in the Purbeck Hills some 4km away. In addition to the studio to transmitter link (STL) codecs, the order included the Ecreso FM 300W transmitter, external filters and measurement point.

WorldCast APT IP Silver encoder was installed at the studio and the APT IP Silver decoder at the transmitter site; the connectivity using two IP paths, one via a microwave radio link and a second via an internet VPN. 

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