Universal Audio Introduces Apollo x4 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface

Universal Audio has introduced the Apollo x4 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface, an advanced model of its Apollo series. 

With A/D and D/A conversion inherited from the Apollo X rackmount interfaces, the new Universal Audio Apollo x4 is a desktop version that features four Unison-enabled mic preamps and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for Mac and Windows.

Apollo x4 allows producers to track, overdub and mix larger projects. This 12 x 18 Thunderbolt 3 desktop interface features dual front-panel Hi-Z inputs and four mic preamps with 127 dB dynamic range, plus Realtime UAD Processing via built-in UAD-2 QUAD Core DSP.

Unison technology gives Apollo x4 mic preamps the exact impedance characteristics, gain stage “sweet spots” and unique circuit behaviors of classic tube and solid state preamps, guitar amps and stompboxes — including emulations from API, Neve, Manley, SSL and UA.

UAD-2 QUAD Core Processing allows for tracking through vintage compressors, EQs, tape machines, mic preamps and guitar amp plug-ins with near-zero latency.

The company also introduced the Apollo Twin X and Twin MkII, less expensive versions of the same system. 

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