K-Tek Announces KlassicPro Boom Poles

K-Tek has announced the KlassicPro boom pole that offers increased interchangeability with removable parts rather than soldered and sealed poles of the past.

K-Tek said the redesigned headpiece threads on and off the tube. The cable of choice can be removed or installed — without soldering. The boom pole can be transformed to un-cabled, coil cabled, straight cabled or with a transmitter at the top or the bottom.

The removable headpiece makes field reconfiguration practical. To support this, K-Tek has created a higher quality coiled cable featuring a new, low profile right angle connector. The cable incorporates thicker gauge wiring and aluminum shielding to make it both stronger and protected from 
radio frequency (RF) interference.

The right angle connector is smaller, lighter, serviceable and made with a Neutrik connector as its base. A new solid strain relief makes the right angle connector robust while securely holding the wiring in place.

The connector orientation can be changed by removing two screws, rotating it to the desired position and locking it back in place. The original light weight of the tubes is maintained, yet the new design features added strength.

Adding a sixth section and wider tubes increases the stiffness and optimizes handling balance. The result is quicker cuing and more user control of the microphone. 

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