Podcasters Use Auralex Acoustical Treatment For Small Studios

Auralex Acoustics is being employed as a key provider in the production of podcasts and other spoken-word content, the company said. 

Auralex products, long used as acoustical treatment for radio and television studios, is now being adapted to help generate clear, professional audio that is intelligible on various podcasts. The company offers products to help tame the acoustics of any podcast recording/editing space, as well as diagnostic tools to help dial-in the sound and point toward the proper solutions.

Nashville-based firm Relationary Marketing works with partner agencies and direct clients to produce high-quality podcasts for premium brands. Much of this content is produced out of their headquarters, which is located at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Clark Buckner, partner at Relationary Marketing, said “podcasts are in demand; businesses want to have one, even if they're not sure how best to use it. We’re able to provide both the asset, and best practices on how to use them.”

In the firm’s Nashville studio, they employ the following Auralex components: SonoLite acoustical panels, T-Coustic acoustical ceiling tiles, MineralFiber and DeskMAX portable acoustical treatment.

“Auralex has completely elevated our production quality by greatly reducing outside sounds while giving a natural sounding treated room,” said Chuck Bryant, a partner at Relationary Marketing.

EditMAX Portable Kit.

EditMAX Portable Kit.

The Messiah Community Radio Talk Show, based in Bradenton, FL, is hosted by Michael James Lorin, who began the show a few years ago as an evolution of his work as an FM radio personality and voiceover artist.

“I first heard of Auralex from doing online research, and many of my friends and guests who are top voiceover talent all had similar recommendations to back that up: Auralex is key to producing great audio content," Lorin said.

Lorin’s setup is based around the Auralex EditMAX suite, which is a bundle of products specifically tailored to these sorts of applications. He employs the following Auralex components: four ProMAX v2 stand-mount acoustical panels, four stand-mount LENRD Studiofoam bass traps, two DeskMAX panels and a MoPAD-XL monitor speaker isolation pad.  

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