IP Showcase At 2019 IBC Provides Road Map To The Data Packet-Based Future

For many broadcasters and digital media facilities making (or considering) the move to all-IP infrastructures, the IP Showcase at the IBC Show has been a highly anticipated gathering. Attendees annually participate in product demonstrations and educational seminars that provide a road map of what others have done and also what possibilities are available to create and distribute content over an Ethernet network.

The Showcase program runs for the entire five-day conference, with different topics of discussions hosted in rooms E106 and 107— near the RAI Theater (by halls 8, 9 and 10) within the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam.

This year’s Showcase will be a bit different, according to Wes Simpson, President of Telecom Product Consulting and curator of the Showcase presentations. That means less interoperability testing and more emphasis on already deployed case studies and technical sessions that detail the intricacies of implementing IP.

Tony Orme, Editor-in-Chief of The Broadcast Bridge, will lead one of the featured technical presentations, entitled “ST2110 – Timing Tails and Buffers”, on Friday, September 13th. The session will discuss how an advanced appreciation of timing measurement is needed in order to make real-time video and audio IP systems work with greater efficiency. This seminar will also expose the timing extremities of the bell distribution curve and suggests strategies to improve signal throughput resulting in improved productivity and performance.

“This year we‘ve transitioned from large stacks of equipment to focus on education and information for people to come and learn what others are doing in regards to deploying all-IP-based broadcast and media facilities,” Simpson said. “We record all of the presentations and save them for later online viewing. It’s been a very popular strategy with our members.”

In 2019, SMPTE ST 2110, NMOS and related technologies are gaining widespread traction across a number of user communities. The IP Showcase Theatre at IBC 2019 will feature over a dozen end-user case studies, including: BBC’s new headquarters in Cardiff, Wales featuring an “IP Live Core“ of ST 2110, AES67 and Dante; Eurosports’ Technology Transformation which provides two private clouds using ST 2110 and AES67 for playout of hundreds of live channels in 22 languages; and Telstra’s advanced IP-based live sports production network that stretches across Australia.

“One of the main issues is that we’ve developed a set of best practices that are helping people who are deploying IP for the first time,” Simpson said. “This is helping them to understand what works and what doesn’t work.”

Three panel discussions will focus on key aspects of IP media technologies, while allowing audience members to interact with industry experts. Hosting the sessions will be Matthew Goldman, SVP Technology for MediaKind, Thomas Bause Mason, Director of Standards Development for SMPTE, and Ciro Aloisio Noronha, Director of Technology for Cobalt Digital Inc.

Dozens of other industry experts will describe current and forthcoming industry standards and best practices for IP media systems.  Topics include all aspects of SMPTE ST 2110, AES67 audio technologies, IEEE 1588 PTP, AMWA NMOS IS-04 through IS-09, and JT-NM TR-1001-1. Also, a number of IP networking technology experts will be on hand to discuss buffering, timing, system architecture, clouds, microservices and best current practices for system control and security.

Sponsored by such industry stalwart organizations as AIMS, AES, EBU, SMPTE, The Joint Taskforce on Networked Media, and Video Services Forum, The IP Showcase is committed to educating attendees of IBC 2019 and its work benefits professionals worldwide.

“We look forward to a big turnout at IBC this year,” Simpson said.  “The IP Showcase will host hundreds of visitors during the multi-day conference that runs from September 13-17.  Our case studies are always well attended. Many of the technical sessions provide information that is hard or impossible to find anywhere else. You're hearing from the people that are on the front lines of the IP transition. This is the chance to talk with them, learn from them, and really kick the tires from people who have been there and implemented IP in the best way possible.”

More information on the IP Showcase can be found at http://www.ipshowcase.org/

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