LA’s Belmont University Adopts Dante And Focusrite RedNet

Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business in Los Angeles has equipped its campus facilities with an audio-over-IP infrastructure using Dante and Focusrite’s RedNet equipment.

Driving the decision was Dante’s affordable cabling requirements (Cat 5e or better) and ability to use the same off-the-shelf switches as conventional LANs, along with Focusrite’s RedNet.

The goal of the new system was the ability to interconnect different rooms at the school and then move the audio around from room to room. From a staging post, the team building the network used Dante Controller’s networked device subscription controller for device-specific control, alongside Focusrite’s RedNet Control networked device controller.

They first set up the whole campus-wide system in one room and then deployed it across the building as spaces were completed. A total of six facilities have Dante equipment permanently installed.

This includes RedNet 5 Pro Tools HD bridges, RedNet 6 MADI bridges for connection to the console and out to the Dolby RMU, RedNet 4 eight-channel mic preamps remotely operated using RedNet Control and rolling racks containing RedNet 2 16-Channel A-D/D-A interfaces to provide up to 80 channels of I/O to any corner of the campus with a network port.

Belmont's next building project, set for completion in 2020, will be fiber-optically interlinked to the Johnson Center, with Dante and the new line of RedNet interfaces critical to the audio infrastructure. 

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