Sasani Studios Builds With EditShare

South African producer deploys EditShare Flow production asset management, EFS scale-out storage and Ark archiving for multi-camera workflow.

Sasani Studios of South Africa has designed its multi-camera workflow production around EditShare workflow solutions EditShare Flow, EFS scale-out media engineered storage, multi-channel Geevs ingest and Ark archiving.

Boasting ten main television and film stages and three additional studio spaces, Sasani Studios is responsible for five of Africa’s most popular soap operas including 7de Laan, Isidingo and Scandal! The production schedule produces six shows per week for each soap opera year-round, turning out more than 1,400 original episodes.

Approaching a decade on its original EditShare shared storage platform, Sasani’s head of engineering, Kim Smith, decided to upgrade to the latest EditShare EFS distributed scale-out storage platform.

“With this next stage of our multi-camera production infrastructure, it was important to move forward with the future in mind,” he said. “EditShare’s deep industry knowledge combined with our longstanding relationship allowed us to build a high-performance media foundation with the flexibility to incorporate emerging technologies as well as expand and augment our productions as needed.”

Evaluating EditShare Airflow and Flow Story to build a secure hybrid workflow, Sasani is looking to add flexibility to the rigid review and editorial workflow. Smith explains, “Flow Story and AirFlow will allow us to securely access content outside the facility which would give producers more space with regards to the review and approval process, whether it's looking at an episode’s continuity or making a quick edit off hours. There are lots of options from teams collaborating across departments to tapping into creative talent outside the studio to work on projects.”

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